What is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)?

An innovative, permanent hairloss solution. It is a highly specialized tattoo technique that creates the look of hair follicles on the scalp where they no longer exist or where density needs to be added to the scalp. -Non surgical, non invasive -Minimal maintenance -No recovery time -Immediate, Guaranteed results It does require multiple sessions to begin with to produce the most natural layered effect. The goal is to create the illusion of real hair stubble and it should blend perfectly with the natural hair to be undetectable. Men with significant progressive hair loss will be required to keep their hair shaved down to a buzz cut but it will appear as though they make the choice to shave it down. It will appear as though they have a full, youthful, sexy, hairline.

Why SMP?

SMP is if you want a truly permanent solution to your hair loss. Other hair loss treatment methods such as surgical transplants, laser therapy, topical sprays, medications ect. are all very costly and provide only negligible and non guaranteed results or a temporary bandaid solution. With SMP you can see the results immediately after the first session and it’s a fraction on the cost of other treatments on the market.

Who is it for?

Treatment for any gender or race: -Male Pattern Baldness -Alopecia -Enhancing hair transplants -Scalp scar camouflage -Women’s hair or density loss

Is this a tattoo?

In the general sense yes, but it is highly specialized for the scalp in the SMP specific technique, pigment and needles. It should never LOOK like a tattoo. It should blend perfectly into existing hair and look exactly like the existing hair follicles. If it looks like its painted on, or a full helmet tattoo, its being done incorrectly.

How long does it last?

If done properly, SMP will slowly dissipate and lighten in greyscale over time. That time varies person to person due to differences in skin type, tone and the ink color used. While some clients come back every 8-12 months, others don’t come back for up to three years. I will always be looking out for your lifetime results and will never give you a hairline that will look silly 15 or even 20 years down the road.

Does it hurt?

Pain tolerance varies person to person greatly, but on average most clients rate it 2-4 on a 10 scale. There are some areas that are more sensitive than others and topical numbing can be used to help mitigate pain.

How long is the procedure?

It is a multiple session process; how many sessions will vary case by case; skin by skin. Density clients may be 2-3 sessions while full scalp procedures will likely be 3-5. It is generally 10-14 days between the first few sessions and then a final blend out 3-6 months after if needed. The sessions at the beginning for a full scalp will be 3-5 hours decreasing with each session. Density clients are usually 1-2 hours depending on how much area needs to be covered. When you come in for a consultation I give a better description of the entire process for your specific case.

Will it look fake?

If SMP is done correctly, by a well-trained, reputable artist it will look completely natural and undetectable. Do your research and please don’t opt for someone who’s doing it cheap and incorrectly. If the head looks saturated, funny colored or helmet-like…they’re doing it wrong. Integrity is the only thing that really separates artists since there is no regulation in this industry… you need to find someone that looks out for your interests long term and isn’t going to just paint your whole head and saturate it with ink.

Why is this a better option than hair transplants?

Hair transplants more than often either don’t work at all or give negligible results. It is a band aid solution that might work for awhile and when you’re unhappy with the coverage they will bring you back to do it again, while taking all donor hair from the back of the head thinning that out and creating more scars while still never achieving any density. It is 10’s of thousands of $ each time and it is a pretty major surgery with significant downtime, pain and scarring.

How much does it cost?

Please contact me to arrange for a consultation for case specific pricing. Density is charged by the hour and full scalps are done in a priced package for all sessions.

What are the cons to SMP?

The biggest con is that you can’t change your hairstyle when you have a regular SMP procedure. You will always have to maintain the look of a buzz cut, but the SMP offers you the look of a sexy, youthful hairline. Because of this, its not for everyone but in general if you’re balding you are losing control of your hairstyle anyway so this becomes an easy low maintenance solution. You also have shave regularly, likely twice a week. Fading pigment also requires color boosts or at least check ups generally every 12-18 months to keep it looking its best. (some people will need more and some will need less on a case by case basis) Also, its not real hair, it doesn’t feel like real hair, its just meant to look like it. Lack of regulation of people performing SMP right now might be the biggest problem of all. There are online trainings that give people the idea that they are qualified to tattoo peoples heads when this is almost always disastrous. An unqualified, untrained, no hands on trained tech can be performing this; its up to you to do your research on the artist (see HEALED work) that you choose or it could be a costly, painful, removal process.