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Have you had previous brow tattooing/microblading
from another artist
that you'd like me to work on?

I generally dont accept clients who have previously had their eyebrow cosmetic tattooing/microblading somewhere else unless you are wanting to completely redo them in my own unique style and methods. In 90% of cases even if you feel that the previous work done has "faded out" there is usually still alot of pigment left in the skin and provides too many limitations for me create the best possible outcome for you. For me to take you on as a client we are usually looking at laser lightening methods which i perform myself in house with special pricing you wont find anywhere else. Please text well-lit photos of the current state of your brows without makeup directly to me 780-772-0799. Please review the Laser Lightening page; in most cases we will need to do some lightening of the previous work to give you the best brows possible. Laser is extremely non-invasive with little to no side effects while very effectively removing pigment which is why I've gone above and beyond to become a laser specialist and purchase a laser machine for my studio to serve my clients in the best methods available no matter what the situation may be. Laser tattoo removal sessions at other places can be anywhere from $150-$250 per session. 

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