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Permanent lipcolor is the next big thing. If your lips have lost color over time or you lack definition around the edges, you’re about to fall in love. I don't believe in just lining the lips, my goal is achieve the most realistic, natural look possible. I can correct asymmetry and really improve overall lip shape with this service. 

Permanent Lip Color features defined edges, fading softly towards the center of the mouth. This style creates the illusion of fuller lips, without injections! You can go bold, go nude, or correct scars/discoloration. It is safe to do on lips with injections as well, and they go hand in hand to compliment each other and give you the fullness we all crave! Its not a secret that getting lip injections actually pulls away color of the lip borders...this service actually reinstates it! Permanent lipcolor typically requires 2 sessions to complete (separate fees & 6-8 weeks between) depending how bright you want to go, and then you’ll need a “color refresh” every 2-5 years.

Permanent lipcolor can also be used to neutralize dark, purpley, or undesirable color tones in the lips. 

•Cold Sores (lip clients only): If you have EVER had a cold sore you must obtain Valtrex prescription as prescribed by your doctor before lip tattooing

*below photos are freshly done, swelling and extreme vibrant color will heal to a natural result

Asset 21.png
Asset 43.png
Asset 40.png
Asset 41.png
Asset 44.png
Asset 19.png
Asset 23.png
Asset 22.png
Asset 58.png

Lip Blush (3hrs.) -  $420

6-8 Week Lip Touchup (2hrs.) - $140

Long Term Maintenance every 1-5 years Lip Color Refresh  (2hrs.) - $180

All pricing includes extra premium aftercare products (over $40 value) and GST.

real-life healed results

The biggest complaint I hear when it comes to lip tattooing is that it looks too bold or unnatural... but this is only true for the first 5 days. The healed results are INSANELY natural! Everything about lip tattooing excites me because its such a game changer, natural lips are so easily improved to be your lips BUT BETTER, no one will be able to pinpoint why you look different, GOOD DIFFERENT!

I do love posting freshly done lip photos because they look WILD but the healed results are ultimately where its at so I have included some specifically healed photos below. It's also very important to understand how the lips look when they are first done as compared to once they are healed (see below). 


the process

A lip color procedure begins with a pre-drawing where I use makeup to create the most perfect, symmetrical shaping within your lips. I can correct natural asymmetry, bring back the edge volume that has been lost over time, create edge definition and then ultimately improve the overall color tone. This step generally takes up to an hour or more if necessary and I am VERY picky to ensure it is as perfect as possible and that it's a shape you LOVE. Once this is accomplished and together we have chosen the perfect color tone (endless possibilities with mixtures), then I begin tattooing the outline. This is very intricate but only takes 5-10 minutes. I then take some time to get your lips very numb to keep you comfortable during the entirety of the procedure. I continue to numb throughout; the more comfortable I can get you assures I can do my absolute best work. In fact, a lot of my clients have fallen asleep during this procedure. The rest of the appointment is spent filling the lips with color, I change my techniques depending on your specific goals for your lips. See photo below of the entire process step by step. Please note that the lip swelling is normal and temporary, it generally lasts less than 2 days post procedure. 

the healing

Lets be honest, there are a couple days that definitely aren't pretty but its not unlike like any other tattoo healing process. The first two days there is swelling and crazy brightness! Days 3-5 the most chapped, sunburnt lips you have ever had! The lip balm included in your aftercare will be your best friend. After the flakes have gone this is the lightest the color will be, more color will return as the healing concludes over the next 4 weeks. Touchup session is done 6-8 weeks after the initial to fix any imperfections and adjust/layer more color if needed. Below is typical lip tattoo healing that can be expected. 

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