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If you’re hooked on eyeliner, mascara, lash lifting/tinting, or lash extensions, this would be a dream come true. Permanent eyeliner can be used to enhance the eye shape/size/color, fill out the lashline, and captivate. Unlike old-school eyeliner tattoos, modern methods look super soft and classy. We use high-quality pigments that last and the most delicate techniques, so your liner will look vibrant for years without blurring over time. Permanent eyeliner typically requires 2 sessions(separate payments) and 6-8 weeks between to complete, and then you’ll need a “color refresh” every 1-5 years. You can add the bottom lash line to any of the below procedures.  

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Lashline Eyeliner (1.5-2.5hrs) - $220+

For Specialty Smokey and Winged Eyeliner we still always start

with the lash lines and add on at the touchup session.

See below for available add ons and touchup pricing. 

Wing Eyeliner (add on $200 total with an extra session in split payments)

Smokey Eyeliner - (add $200 total with an extra session in split payments)

Add bottom lash line to any of the above (30min.) - $100

Add baby wing to lash liner (30min) - $40

Add extra thick bottom lash line (15min) - $40

6-8 Week Eyeliner Touchup Session (1.5hrs) - $120

Long Term Maintenance Every 1-5 years Eyeliner Color Refresh (1.5hrs.) - $140

All initial pricing includes premium aftercare products and GST.