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Very SUBTLE Top only lash line... if you want bottom as well, select that as an add on. 
Eyeliner requires a 2 sessions for full results; a touchup after 6-8 weeks will be required.
This procedure gives the super natural appearance of fuller and denser eyelashes with no smudging or running mascara/liner! Want more? We can do that at the touchup too! 
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Lashline Eyeliner (1.5-3hrs) - $200+

Add bottom lash line (45min.) - $100

6-8 Week Eyeliner Touchup Session (2hrs) - $140

Extra Touchup $60

Long Term Maintenance Every 1-5 years Eyeliner Color Refresh (2hrs.) - $180

All initial pricing includes premium aftercare products and GST.

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