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This cosmetic procedure involves delicately tattooing eyeliner to either the top lash line or top and bottom. 

Please note that all new cosmetic services require two sessions, spaced approximately 6-8 weeks apart, and sessions are priced separatly. The final results may vary, and we cannot guarantee the outcome. Additional sessions may be necessary to achieve optimal results, and extra charges may apply. This cannot be performned on anyone with lash extensions on or using lash growth serums. 

It's crucial to acknowledge that this service does not provide a no-maintenance solution. In order to maintain optimal eyeliner appearance, a "Color Refresh" procedure is recommended every 3-6 years, contingent upon a range of lifestyle and skin factors. This will incur a separate charge listed below.

This treatment yields a subtle, natural appearance of thicker and fuller eyelashes, eliminating the need for smudging or running mascara/liner. Should you desire more defined results, they can be achieved during the touch-up session.

We refer to this service as the "training bra" of permanent makeup. This brief yet effective procedure involves creating a thin, subtle line solely through the lashes, which gives the impression of a fuller lash line. It gently draws attention to the eyes in a subtle and mysterious way.

It is a common misconception that this procedure is excruciatingly painful. In reality, it is a safe and comfortable process. Throughout the procedure, the eyes are kept tightly closed, and numbing agents are continuously used to ensure the client's comfort. As an experienced artist, eyeliner procedures have rarely posed any issues. In some cases, individuals who have difficulty numbing (similar to a visit to the dentist) may experience slight discomfort, whereas others have been known to fall asleep due to the high level of comfort.


Lashline Eyeliner (1.5-3hrs) - $240+

Add bottom lash line (45min.) - $100

6-8 Week Eyeliner Touchup Session (2hrs) - $140

Extra Touchup $60

Long Term Maintenance Every 1-5 years Eyeliner Color Refresh (2hrs.) - $180

All initial pricing includes premium aftercare products; GST is additional.

The Eyeliner Tattooing Process

Video below shows how I get my clients comfortable and effectively numb

Eyeliner Tattoo Misconceptions Video Below 

The Healing Process

These days are approximate and every client will vary due to age and skin condition.

Day 1-2 The eyeliner tattooed will have a bold and intense appearance. It's common for clients to experience tenderness and  obvious swelling, particularly the morning after the procedure upon waking. Some describe the sensation as similar to having a sunburn on the eyelids, yet it typically subsides within one to two days.

Days 3-10 after the eyeliner procedure, flaking will occur, and some of the flakes may adhere to the lashes. It's crucial not to pick or pull at the flakes. Once the flaking recedes, the eyeliner tattoo may appear lighter in color. Over the next few weeks, some of the color will return, but it's common for clients to experience more fading than desired. It's essential to remember that this is a gradual process, and subsequent sessions will add layers of darkness to achieve the desired outcome.

Days 30-40 will round out the healing process. 

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