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All About Laser Lightening

How does laser tattoo pigment lightening work?

 Laser tattoo pigment lightening works by using high-intensity light beams to break up the ink particles in the skin. The body's immune system then naturally removes the broken-down ink over time, resulting in a lightening or fading of the tattoo. The number of treatments required depends on the size, color, and age of the tattoo. Laser is very effective on Microblading as well as traditional tattooing. 

​Absolute Contraindications for Laser

  • Pregancy/Breastfeeding

  • Active Herpes

  • Open Wounds, inflammation or abcesses in or near treatment area

  • recent sunburn on or near treatment area

  • photosensitizing drugs (ei. tetracycline)

  • any type of accutane (isotretinion) used in prev 6 months

  • gold salts for rheumatoid arthritis

  • type 1 diabetes

  • epilepsy/convulsive disorders

  • systemic diseases of tissue (ie. lupus, vitiligo, hyper or hypopigmentation)

  • bleeding disorders

  • cold/flu/sore throat, cancer

  • uncontrolled mental disorders

  • alcohol/and or narcotic intoxication

  • cannot be done on recent tattoos or procedures 3 months for body art and 8 weeks for PMU; Age can factor into this


Possible Contraindications

  • suspicous lesions in removal area

  • type 2 diabetes

  • Psorasis

  • Retinoid use must be stopped 2 weeks before treatment

  • Tanning or tanning lotions, creams, spray prev 4-6 weeks

  • Dark Skin Types

For Consulations please send your information as well as a clear well lit photo of the tattoo(s) you are seeking to remove. 780-772-0799


My laser is a ND YAG Nanosecond Compact Laser. I am well trained in all procedures and protocols.  My laser is limited in its capabilities but will work well for MOST circumstances. There will be SOME circumstances I will need to refer to another laser specialist in town with a picosecond stationary laser. 


Price- $40-$80 per session

Special pricing is offered to clients who plan to have me redo their brows once removed please inquire directly with Kelsie

Laser FAQ

How Many Sessions? # of sessions needed for removal cannot be predicted due to many factors. At your first appointment or consultation I can make an educated guess and give you an idea but ultimately this cannot be taken as a sure answer (there are too many unknowns). 8-10 weeks between sessions is the starting amount for best results.  Subsequent sessions (3+) will need to spaced out for longer periods of time increasing with each subsequential session.  Depending on many factors, your desired outcome may take a long period of time. Total clearing of the skin cannot be guaranteed. If you plan on getting your brows re-tattooed, there will be a point when they are light enough to proceed which you and Kelsie will decide. 

What can I expect at the procedure and immediatly after? Kelsie will conduct a consultation and inform you of every possible option and outcome as stated here. During the procedure there will be sharp pain for approx 20 seconds per eyebrow size area. My goal is to never induce skin harm, and expected reactions immediatly after a procedure without complications is localized swelling, redness, warm sensation with slight possbility of bruising. You will be required stay 20 min after to keep the area cool, and then to keep subsequently cooling the area as often as possible throughout the day. 

What about microblading? Laser is great for removing microblading whether its pinkish or greyish we can remove it! 

Possibility of Hair Lightening: In some rare cases; some very dark natural eyebrow hairs can experience temporary lightening or frosting.  Once swelling is subsided, if this bothers you; you can tint the hairs. Alternatively if you are concerned about this happening you can tint the hairs a couple days before the session and this will prevent this possibility. The hairs will grow back completely normal if this does happen. This laser does not affect or target hair growth and infact can actually end up stimulating better hairgrowth. 

Important to Note: Tattoo Ink Color Changes cannot be accurately predicted either and in some circumstances depending on the composition of  the ink in the skin the initial reaction may be to darken. This will be lightened with further sessions and Kelsie will discuss all options with you as the sessions progress. 

Limitations of my Laser: Some colors of tattoo pigments reflect most of the laser radiation at 1064nm and 532nm, and it is difficult or almost impossible to destroy these pigments with the laser machine employed by Smoke N Black. Such colors are white, yellow, flesh-colored, orange, blue, green, and pigment mixtures containing white. Other possibilities of lightening or removing these remaining pigments can be discussed with your laser specialist, Kelsie. 

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My Clients' Immediate Results

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