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Eyebrow tattooing

My most sought-after service is cosmetic brow tattooing. Eyebrows can be quite challenging to manage. Many times, they may not grow or appear as defined as desired, or they may gradually disappear over time. Nonetheless, eyebrows play an essential role in shaping and balancing the face. As an expert in this field, I have invested years in honing my skills, harnessing my visual capabilities, and refining my techniques to create the most natural-looking and perfectly customized eyebrows that complement the unique facial structure of each client.

I offer only the best brow design techniques with a tattoo machine and am committed to recommending only the most appropriate method for each client. My focus is to protect your investment, maintain my credibility as an artist, and deliver the best possible results. My extensive experience and knowledge have enabled me to utilize the best possible techniques and products available to provide my clients with unparalleled service and outstanding long term results.

In addition to helping you select the right technique, I take a holistic approach to tailor my brow work to each individual client. This involves assessing factors such as intensity, shape, size, and color preferences, as well as natural growth patterns, brow color, skin type, and skin tone. The result is that each of my clients' brows look unique and perfectly tailored. So, whether you prefer a super-natural or bold and defined look, I am here to cater to your needs.


 Please note that all services require two sessions, spaced approximately 6-8 weeks apart, and sessions are priced separatly. The final results may vary, and we cannot guarantee the outcome. Additional sessions may be necessary to achieve optimal results, and extra charges may apply.  

It's crucial to acknowledge that this service does not provide a no-maintenance solution. In order to maintain optimal brow appearance, a "Color Refresh" procedure is recommended every 1-3 years, contingent upon a range of lifestyle and skin factors. This will incur a separate charge listed below.

Finally, please note that cosmetic tattooing is not intended to replace traditional cosmetics entirely.

Have you had microblading or brow tattooing done previously by someone else? Click Below for Info

my Client Results

Please notice the difference between fresh results and healed results. Healed results is what you'll ultimately be wearing on your face and when looking for an artist make sure you see their healed outcomes. I work on clients in ALL AGES from 20-90

What I do differently & why...

My personal hairstroke technique is done with a tattoo machine and single needle; it is different from Microblading which uses a manual scalpel like blade. Microblading that we have seen over the years does not age well and leaves something to be desired because most clients do not have the perfect skin type for it. The scalpel like manual tool creates a “slice” wound in the skin versus the puncture or poke type wound that my machine makes. Slice wounds are harder for the skin to heal whereas poke type wounds are easier and much better for long term longevity of the skin. Even the most skilled Microblading artist working on the wrong skin type can cause the strokes to blur all together while healing or over the long term causing a solid type brow. With my technique, the puncture type implantation of the ink is much less invasive and easier for the skin to heal, resulting in airy strokes that stay separated "appearing as hairs".

I have spent years and thousands of hours trying to find and hone the perfect technique that can create a natural brow look on nearly anyone, with any skin type, young or mature. My clients best long term interests and results are the most important aspect of what I do and is my reason for always updating my training in the most ground breaking procedures in cosmetic tattoos. My goal is to offer the most natural, beautiful procedures that will stand the test of time and I am so pleased to be offering my signature revolutionary hairstroke technique so that everyone can benefit from stunning, natural appearing eyebrows. I also offer a more defined/full-makeup appearing style of eyebrow tattoo and any mixture of the two styles completely curated and personalized to you. TOGETHER- we decide your entire outcome at your appointment before any tattooing.

Not ready to commit to an appointment but would like to see what proper brow shaping could look like on you? I do custom digital drawings on a photo of your face! Click below to learn more. 


 Initial Session for Brows (3hrs.) - $440

6-8 Week Brow Perfecting Touchup (1.5hrs.) - $140

Sometimes since client skin types vary, an extra brow touchup session may be needed (1.5hrs.) - $60 

(Extra Brow Touchup must be done within 8 weeks of previous session)

Long Term Maintenance Every 1-3 years Color Refresh (2hrs.) - $180 (Refresh procedures are on sale every (Sept-Oct) for $40 off)

All pricing includes initial premium aftercare products, GST is additional.

The Brow Tattooing Process 

The Healing Process

Days are approximate and will very with age/skin condition. 


Day 1-2  During the initial few days, the results may appear dark, swollen, and uneven. It's normal for minor blemishes to be more conspicuous during this period. However, as the results start to settle and soften, the overall outcome will significantly improve.

Day 3-7 Your brows may appear extra dark and itchy. It's crucial to bear in mind that this is a normal occurrence during this stage, and they will eventually lighten and soften.

Day 5-10 The treatment area may experience flaking. Adequate aftercare on the first day should prevent excessive scabbing. Please do not attempt to scratch or peel off any flakes. The area may appear lighter in color once the flaking has ceased, but the hue will gradually return over the following weeks. The skin may have some lighter patches, and in rare cases, small pieces may slough off. This is all considered a part of the normal healing process. Generally after the two week period it is no longer externally noticeable that you've had work done.

Day 30-40 Fully Healed. 

Healing for the powder brow technique will be slightly more dramatic in healing than a hairstroke technique in that the shedding will be larger chunks with the powder while the hairstrokes usually just experience flaking. The powder technique will look more bold especially the first few days while I have hairstroke brow clients that even attend gatherings immediatly after because the results are so subtle. 

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