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Permanent brow makeup is my most popular service, for one main reason: Most women identify their brow pencil as the one cosmetic item they can’t go without… and the one that’s most frustrating! Filling in your brows for just 5 minutes per day, adds up to 30 hours per year. Getting that time back and waking up with full, shapely brows that perfectly frame the face… is absolutely priceless.

I offer three methods of permanent brow makeup at Smoke N Black: Powder Brows, Combo Brows (a combination of Hairstrokes and Powder Brows), and Hairstroke Brows. This is a major point of difference between me and neighboring permanent makeup studios. While many of our clients request "Microblading", it is only suitable for about 25% of them, my "machine" Hairstrokes can give a similar look with much better long term results! Below, you’ll learn the differences between each method, and which one is right for you. I will only perform services on clients that are suited for them, to protect your investment, maintain my integrity as an artist, and provide you with the best possible result. 

Beyond selecting the right method for you, there are many other ways that I perfectly tailor my brow work to each client. When determining intensity, shape, size, and color, I consider your preferences, natural growth, natural brow color, skin type, and skin tone. This is why all of my work looks slightly different on every client! Although I have my favorite styles, I believe that brows should always be customized. Whether you’re looking for super-natural or bold and defined, I’m here for you. Permanent brows typically require 2 sessions to complete, and then you’ll need a “color refresh” every 1-3 years. Pricing located below. 

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Powder Brows  (3hrs.) - $380

Combo Brows  (3.5hrs.) - $420

Hairstroke Brows (3.5hrs.) - $420

6-8 Week Brow Touchup (2hrs.) - $140

Extra Brow Touchup If NEEDED (1.5hrs.) - $60 

(Extra Brow Touchup must be done within 8 weeks of previous session)

Long Term Maintenance Every 1-3 years Color Refresh (2hrs.) - $180

All pricing includes initial premium aftercare products and GST.