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Permanent brow makeup is my most popular service, simply because eyebrows can be the most frustrating! Many times they do not grow or look as defined as we would like them to, or overtime they slowly disappear for many different reasons.  Eyebrows can make or break the face, they can create more balance and symmetry in the whole face if they are done correctly. I specialize in and have invested years in training, perfecting my skills and eyes to visualize, create and design the most perfect natural appearing eyebrows to frame anyone's unique face structure in the most flattering way. 

I offer three methods of permanent brow makeup at Smoke N Black. Below, you’ll learn the differences between each method, and which one is right for you. I will only perform services on clients that are suited for them, to protect your investment, maintain my integrity as an artist, and provide you with the best possible result. Years of experience and improvement have given me vast knowledge of the absolute best possible techniques and products currently available and I am dedicated to always offering my clients the highest level of service and results. 

Beyond helping to select the right method for you, there are many other ways that I perfectly tailor my brow work to each client. When determining intensity, shape, size, and color, I consider your preferences, natural growth, natural brow color, skin type, and skin tone. This is why all of my work looks slightly different on every client! Although I have my favorite styles, I believe that brows should always be customized. Whether you’re looking for super-natural or bold and defined, I’m here for you. Permanent brows typically require 2 sessions to complete, and then you’ll need a “color refresh” every 1-3 years. 


*Please not the below photos are of freshly tattooed brows and will heal softer/more natural. 

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Your Investment  Initial Session for Brows (3hrs.) - $440 6-8 Week Brow Touchup (1.5hrs.) - $140 Sometimes since client skin types vary, an extra brow touchup session may be needed (1.5hrs.) - $60  (Extra Brow Touchup must be done within 8 weeks of previous session) Long Term Maintenance Every 1-3 years Color Refresh (2hrs.) - $180 (Refresh procedures are on sale every (Sept-Oct) for $40 off) ​All pricing includes initial premium aftercare products, GST is not included in this pricing.  ​


These are photos of my real life clients of whom were gracious enough to let me share their photos. This work is freshly done unless otherwise stated "healed". Healed work is softer/more natural.

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